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World Championship Wheel Gymnastics 2003

The World Championship in Wheel Gymnastics will be held in Lillehammer, Norway, from 28th to 31st May 2003. This is the 5th World Championship, last arranged in Liestal, Switzerland, in 2001. The Championship is arranged every 2nd year.
This year the Norwegian Gymnastics Federation has the honour of hosting the Championship, with the Oppland Gymnastics Association as local organiser. 
The Championship will take place on Olympic soil - the 1994 Winter Olympic Games were held in Lillehammer.
The heritage of this Olympic event is the Olympic Park; where Håkons Hall, Lysgårdbakkene ski jumping arena and Birkebeineren ski stadium are situated, just outside the town centre. Håkons Hall is a multi-purpose hall with a spectator capacity of 10 000, and has been chosen as the arena of the World Championship in Wheel Gymnastics.
Håkons Hall and the hotels accommodating the gymnasts and other delegation members are all within walking distance of the centre of Lillehammer.

The city of Lillehammer has approximately 25 000 inhabitants, and the town can offer a wide range of opportunities within culture, entertainment, restaurants and nightlife.

13 nations are registered for the World Championship; Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Italy, France, Finland, Israel, Japan, USA, Iran and Norway. 
The number of gymnasts participating is 85.
The programme:
Thursday 29th May 14:00-17:00 All Around Junior Competition
20:00-21:30 Opening Gala
Friday 30th May 13:00-17:00 All Around Senior Competition
19:30-21:30 Team Final
Saturday 31st May 12:30-15:00 Junior Finals
17:00-20:00 Senior Finals

For more information about the national delegations, please contact your national Gymnastics Federation.

For more information, please also visit: (World Championship Wheel Gymnastics 2003) (Internationaler Rhönradturn Verband - IRV) (The Olympic Park) (Lillehammer tourist information)
Contact information:
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Organizing Committee WC 2003
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